Alberni Drag Racing
Racer Pre-Registration
Pre-Registration is Mandatory
for all classes


Class Breakdown:
Please read entire page and enter the appropriate class for

 your race vehicle and TIME it will run

Registration Times will be Enforced this Year





 Capable of running Max 5.80 in the 1/8 mile(11.49 to 9.05 sec  1/4 mile times) 

50 car limit-Registered time Enforced

Mandatory Current - NHRA license and chassis tag numbers recorded to your registration form if running 9.99 or quicker

Minimum 5 point roll bar and all necessary safety gear as per NHRA time rules

Drag Radials or Drag Slicks only

No Street tires!

No Electronics (egg timer systems) Throttle stops and such Can be installed but must be disabled to run this class

NO ANTIFREEZE in coolant


Assigned Parking

Sportsman Tree

Registration and such fees apply ,Please fill out form


Modified: Capable of running max 7.40 in the 1/8 mile (13.00 to 11.50 sec 1/4 mile time)

50 car limit-Registered time Enforced

Drag radials, Slicks ,or Street tires

Open or closed exhaust

NO ANTIFREEZE in coolant


No Electronics (egg timer systems)

Assigned Parking

Sportsman Tree

Registration and such fees apply ,Please fill out form




Vehicles running 8.30 or slower 1/8 mile (13.01 or slower 1/4 mile time)

50 car limit- fast time break enforced

No Crew or support vehicle

Parking in the Sportsman pitts

NO ANTIFREEZE in coolant


Sportsman Tree

Run it and have fun !

Registration and such fees apply ,Please fill out form

No Restricted Passes for this class


Jr Dragsters

NOTE: !   Jr Dragster registration Fee is $50 ,

 8 car limit- Open to all Jr Dragster competitors as per NHRA Rules

When REGISTRATION opens on MAY 1st, mailing it to the    ADDRESS on the form is the only way to submit your form , There is NO drop off point in Port Alberni for the Forms

For the Adobe  fill and print Pre-registration Form click  HERE:


Please make sure you have a current Adobe reader installed on your computer or the form will not show,

NOTE: If the form does not show up , try this, close the form page

1- at the registration page , push the F5 button on your key board 5 times to refresh the page

some computers will not auto update the cookies, thus shows the expired page

You must fill out the fields and print it off , please do so , too make it nice and clear for the registration people, Unreadable forms may be rejected !

Registration forms and PAYMENT must be MAILED to the address on the FORM as per instructions, AVDRA will not accept any forms ,    e-mailed or fax'd and VISA and such is not accepted, PLEASE read the forms

Emailing or faxing the forms in will not "save" you a spot , all spots are secured by a MAILED in completed and PAY'd  form with a confirmation sent back to the registration address posted on the form.

If you did not receive a confirmation package by  E-mail , then you are not registered ,

AVDRA has the right to cut off registrations and return mailed in forms when the class is full

Thank You,

AVDRA staff